Full and complete explanation

Well, so, I thought it might be nice to move to France. I thought so for years, which I thought more or less automatically made it a good idea. It does, doesn’t it? I studied French and spent a lot of time in France, close to six months a year for the last few years. I chose an area to check out, just to see. I sent a sort of loose, noncommittal inquiry to these people who seemed nice and professional. They sent me to Jacqueline, who asked a few questions and sent back a photo of this house. I was hooked. Hooked, I say. One visit to the house, one glance at the inspection reports and I bought it. Let’s hope it works out.

2 thoughts on “Full and complete explanation

    1. It’s a pretty good size, 450 sq. meters or about 4800 sq. ft. It sounds bigger than it feels. I think one too many people suggested that I downsize.


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