Felled by jet lag

Must wake up.

Apart from that extra five or six daytime sleep hours — no, it doesn’t really affect the amount of sleep I need at night — it has been a good day.

I got my hair cut. I’m a regular now, greeted like an old friend. The stuffed ostrich behind my hairdresser is totally ordinary, part of the furniture, though I would miss it if it were gone. The surprise was that David Mallet took a break from doing shoulder-length blunt cuts on stunning young women — straight out of Haircuts 101 — to do something sculpted and very flattering for a woman even older than I am. I was impressed; when the situation calls for it, that man can cut hair. The place was happy and busy, maybe because Fashion Week just ended and everybody can get back to real life. This is one of my favorite places in Paris. I am glad I can finally go in there every six weeks, just like I’m supposed to.

On the way to the Metro I found a shop that sells incredible housewares. No, sorry, don’t know the name, but it is just off rue Rivoli. Across the street is the Louvre des Antiquaires and to the left and across rue Rivoli is the Louvre itself. I resisted the stunning sushi plates and tea bowls, only just, contenting myself with a little Chilewich mat for dog bowls. Zero One One? Was that the name of the shop?

Did I mention the puppy? No? Well, he’s not here yet. All in good time.

3 thoughts on “Felled by jet lag

  1. Perhaps a photo of your stylish new cut?

    A puppy – sounds wonderful – we look forward to updates on the puppy


    1. A photo of me? Gerard, there is a reason I like being the photographer — it allows me to rest secure in the knowledge that the camera is pointed the other way! I tell you what. When escrow closes I will pull out the tripod and take a picture of myself in the new house. Not right away, necessarily…

      And trust me on this: soon you will be as tired of this puppy as people secretly are of other people’s new babies. The possible ETA is 16 March. I can’t wait.


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