Kitchen to Go

old kitchen
So, take a last look at this kitchen. Every surface you see will go, very soon. The radiator will be relocated. Cheap tile, cheap cabinets, old wallpaper, all gone. The windows will be replaced by thermopane windows that will retain the profile and general look of what you see here.
In the new plan, this won’t even be the kitchen. This will be the dining room. The wall facing the cabinets will go too, so that the dining room will look into the new kitchen. The new heated floors should make this space toasty in winter. In summer when we turn the heating off, the lovely new tiles will help keep the house cool.
I am still deciding about colors. The dining table and chairs will be cherry wood. Maybe a gray green, though green is supposed to be bad for the appetite. Fortunately I have a few months to think about it.
Apologies to anyone viewing this on a slow device. I just noticed that this image is 1.9 MP in size. That’s 1% of the size of the original. I could start making the originals lower resolution, I guess. Let me know if you are having download issues.

4 thoughts on “Kitchen to Go

  1. Well, a much needed update will be great!

    Perhaps a sage green.

    (Download was not an issue)

    Let the games (work) begin!

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  2. One day you and Linda will have to check out the progress in person. I’ll position Linda with violin, right at the base of the stairs, and we will be able to hear the music through the whole house.


  3. No download issues at all. Keep ’em coming. I have got to start saving for the plane ticket out there.


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