Jacques Report

Messy Jacques
As there is absolutely nothing going on at the house, I will give you an update on Jacques.
He is six months old now and is making his move into adulthood. In a couple of days we’ll be cutting that short, so to speak. Still, I expect him to keep busy in his newly self-appointed role of house guardian. He does his best to be where he can keep an eye on both me and the door. At night he generally chooses the door. Basically he walks on me until I let him move downstairs.
You can see what’s going on outside. He is perpetually covered in burrs. He smells from rolling in dubious substances. He patrols the yard, keeping the ducks out of his pond and the leaves on his trees absolutely still. He flattens molehills; I can’t wait to see what will happen if he actually finds a mole. The other day he had a great time with our pond rat, almost caught him, too.
He gets tougher by the day but still is devoted to me and to Hortense, his big drink of water on the other side of town.

5 thoughts on “Jacques Report

  1. What a gorgeous pup! Our “show dog” is very much involved in the same mess. Silly puppy.

    I’m loving your blog, btw!!


  2. Thanks. Same back at ya! There are a handful of us doing this expat-with-French-house-renovation blog thing. As far as I know, you and Brent are the only ones with the courage to add in four kids and a passel of cows. I like us. We’re a good group.


    1. But you actually have time to hit the brocantes and vide greniers. I keep thinking I can’t afford to do that but of course if what I spend on Jacques were available for those incredible things you find while you are out hitting the sales, I’d have the whole house furnished by now. And of course Jean has seen our houses and my dog and raised us four kids, a constant house party of guests and who only knows how many cows. If any of us thought we were coming to France to retire, well, wrong. Time to think again. At least in my case, I’ve taken on a job I love. I suspect you and Jean have, too.


      1. Believe me m’dear we can’t afford to do anything at present!
        The stuff I post has been picked up for peanuts over several years (I buy and sell a bit of vintage so it is fairly self funding)
        The original “pot” for the renovations was £22,000, we have spent that and need to find the last £12,000 to finish the basics. Wish us luck in finding that somehow this year or the workmen will walk!
        Believe me when I say “the bargain basement blog” because it certainly is, some people we know spent that just on their front garden!!!( haven’t got one, so that box is ticked)

        Determined to get there full time this year, but giving up two UK wages will be a wrench-we just need an income in France which we are working on
        And we do love it, beyond wordsx


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