A lot of what I do over here is exorcise demons. What may look to you like an unassembled Weber grill is, to me, rewriting history. My family had enough money for a Weber grill. Let’s face it, even if you couldn’t afford a stove, you could afford a Weber. But I didn’t have the kind of childhood where my parents could stand each other enough long enough to plan the barbecue, so it never happened. In college I had a baby Weber but somehow it just wasn’t the same. Now, here in France, I have a full-on Weber grill, bought at the local garden store no less. I will assemble it. I will cook one thing on it. I will be happy. One more demon, gone. That’s all it takes.

7 thoughts on “Summertime!

  1. We will look forward to the descriptions of the wonderful meals prepared al fresco on the weber!

    Apologies for any typographical errors – sent from a small mobile device.



  2. Thanks, Gerard. Now I have to get that thing put together. Last week it was raining. Today it’s sunny and 32, which I think is in the 90s, and I’m thanking the stars I didn’t buy in the south of France, where I hear the temperature will hit 40. The grill and the deli will be seeing a lot of action.


  3. When you guys get done, come over here! I could use some help. My terrace shadecloth has completely rotted. I am afraid to open the awning. The way I am going, I’ll probably get around to replacing it just before I sell the house.


  4. No worries. The big house, the one under construction, that’s a keeper. But seriously, you didn’t think I was living there, did you? I see a new post coming on, one that will show the floor all ripped up. The place where I actually live is habitable. Patio — oh, excuse me, terrace, now that I’m in France — Weber, working kitchen and bathrooms, furniture: really it’s all set up. The thing is, I get bored with “all set up.” So I don’t know, maybe I’ll keep it as a rental. I haven’t really decided.


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