9 thoughts on “First hiccup

    1. Yeah, oops. Good thing I’m not the contractor. I’m still learning WordPress and the comment didn’t attach itself to the photo. I’ll explain what’s up on the job in the next post.

      Anyway, what you see is the former kitchen without its top layer of flooring. The hiccup is in another room, where the floor is not coming out so easily.

  1. That’s a Farrow & Ball color, Drawing Room Blue, I think. I know what you mean about wondering whether the space can take it. I have to think about that, too. We (we being Jacques and me, so he can weigh in any time) have wide doors at the front and back of the hall. Also, and my architect Nick is thinking about this, we have to think about how it will work in the evenings. This is worth its own post, so I’ll tell all in a little while.

  2. With your set up I think it will work-quite dramatic!
    Evenings? vintage gilt applique wall lights? industrial dull copper bulk heads?

    What colour are you painting the wide doors? broken aged white ? (sorry, I tend to visualise and go off on one)

    1. Don’t know about the doors yet. We are working on adding in reflective surfaces, wall sconces and all. Maybe a silvery gray kind of thing in various places. The doors are stained wood now, I think. Paint could be a good six months away, so we have plenty of time to think about it. Thinking is the fun part. So many options and only six months to weigh them…

  3. Right with you- am adding as many reflective surfaces and pale shades as possible and bugger authentic where it won’t work ( I do not want everything to be dirty ochre and dark mud )
    what is it with French houses? even in less sunny areas they have a low window to wall proportion and can be really dark
    It is the curse of brown ………………………………………………………………………………………..

    1. Sometimes there are weird reasons for things like small windows. Could be taxes or some other non-obvious reason. I’m no fan of brown but I am finding that I’m having a hard time finding colors that I like. Soft periwinkle on the color card is wildly purple on the wall, that kind of thing. I can see why people just give up and paint everything white.

  4. I think the light is different in France as I have tried UK favourites and the colours look completely different in French house
    Hope you find what you want, the proportions of the rooms in your house that I have seen look ok which helps

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