Lynn Sullivan’s Day Off

Well, so, the hiccup. Sorry about the technical difficulties. We had our first unforeseen condition, a thing with the subfloor being different than we expected. As you can tell by the photo, I have moved on.
This is the standard by which I will judge my own decorating schemes. Zach is visiting, right when too many technical difficulties are hitting. It’s been all work and little play for him, not much of a vacation at all. We need a break. Fortunately for both of us, I found this crazy hotel, the Chateau Goujeonnerie, something like that ( In 2006 someone bought the place and renovated it, turning it into a hotel. They are not the first to have this idea but few do it so well. There is no sign, no restaurant, no nothing, really, that would tell you it is other than a very nice house. My room is not numbered. My shower is in a turret.
As you can see, the furniture is haute brocante, celebrating what they have and adding a touch of theater and a dab of irreverence. Think Addison Mizner meets Napoleon III and you’ll get the idea — and if you get those references, come on over! We’ll have lots to talk about.


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