French Country

My life in France is not what I expected.

The best shampoo room in the world



It’s this kind of thing that keeps me in Paris. The other day was haircut day, so I toddled in and was taken to have my hair washed. The  whole process is prosaic, no question, except that this is the shampoo room. I just wish that my living room looked this good, that my living room in the Vendee will ever look so elegant and inviting. In case you are wondering I go to David Mallet, just off the Place des Victoires.

I can’t really tell on this tiny screen but this photo might also illustrate the difference between what the eye and the camera can see. In life the reflection in the mirror is not blown out, nor is the cast of the horse head in deep shadow. In the photo, well, you see what you see.

Author: Bizzy

Really, the less you know the better.

2 thoughts on “The best shampoo room in the world

  1. Great vignette
    I know for a fact that my sitting room will NEVER look that elegant


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