4 thoughts on “Hell is my power source. Bwahahahaha.

    1. Yeah, if it wasn’t mine, I would. Thst’s just the usual stuff. Electricity is red. The skinny black one is water. Green, I don’t know. My guess is that sits empty, waiting for low voltage lines for the satellite TV and all. These things run all over the place. This is just the biggest bunch of them. When I showed up and saw my front garden — well, okay, I’m kind of between actual gardens — I suddenly realised why I am quite literally burying about a quarter of my project budget.


  1. Our new electricity cables were installed when EDF moved and replaced our ancient meter and upped our pathetic original supply..
    The big winking white things in the garage were the only bits we could see as all else had been trunked in or buried by the time we came over to admire it. Our water supply is unchanged and probably lead,

    Moving our electric meter so the cable wasn’t draped over the front of the house and the meter wasn’t in what will be a bathroom cost a big chunk of our budget too so I feel your pain.


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