The bathroom of the future


I have been trying to remember how and why I got myself into this project. As I had a little time today, I drove over to spend some time in the house, undistracted by workers. It was time well spent.

Though this looks like a before photo, a fair amount of demolition and cleaning has been done. Earlier shots would have been of a long partition wall which blocked any view of this area. Now you can see where my bathroom will go. That might remain as the bathroom door. We’ll add a couple of walls, a couple of fixtures. The skylights will be upgraded. The beams will remain exposed. We just got a permit to install two dormer windows,  one of which will go to the left, just off camera.

I want the attic to retain this feel but be comfortable and functional. It will be a difficult balance to pull off but I think I have the right team in place to do it. We shall see.

2 thoughts on “The bathroom of the future

  1. Believe me when I say that I believe that this is after some demolition & cleaning, been there, got the T shirt and it is filthy..
    Great space-please keep the door, good news re Dormer Windows

    It’s a tricky balancing act isnt’ it? comfortable, functional but with the authentic feel that attracted you in the first place

    “Moi, je cherche un air d’autrefois, mais avec le confort d’aujourd’hui”


    1. You’ve got that right. It’s a challenge, too: no way can you make an LED lighting fixture look like it came from the 18th century and you don’t want the house to look like a hotel, so what do you do? I’d go on but this topic is worthy of an entire post. Thanks for the idea.


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