Jacques Report


Can you tell what this is? Let me explain.

I have a terrier. Terriers dig things up. Sometimes they bury things. You are looking at buried treasure, terrier – style.

These are little bits of chicken, along with little bits of dog food that got swept up in the haul. I fed Jacques more than he could eat. He couldn’t leave a treat like that in the bowl. Champion food thief that he is, he knows better. So he buried the excess in the sofa, covered it with clean laundry and a pillow.

I excavated and photographed his little trove. I knew you would want me to share. I just wish I had been there, camera at the ready, when my house guest Rebecca found the dead frog.

2 thoughts on “Jacques Report

  1. Muppet does that all the time. Somes he’ll forget where things are for awhile and find it days later, happy as can be.


    1. Nuts, isn’t it? I read that it’s a sign of a well-fed dog. You have given the little guy more than he can eat, in case somebody out there is wondering why their Irish Wolfhound never does this, and he puts it in a supposedly safe place for future consumption. I’d like to laugh but, given that I am just this side of a total hoarder, it may be more of a life lesson. Safe, really? And if you don’t need it today, is there anything other than money that you might definitely need tomorrow?

      Just be glad they don’t have a lot of frogs in your part of Texas.


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