Buried Treasure


You can see that I’m not just throwing all my money into holes in the ground. I am also burying it under floorboards.

These are the floor joists in the future kitchen for the little apartment that is attached to the house. Back when healthy people had live – in staff, the butler or housekeeper would have lived here. Now we plug in our labor – saving devices, so this is going to be used for what, I don’t know. No way will a rental pay back what this work will cost. I can’t just let the house rot, though, and it had gotten into a state where this sort of thing was necessary. Plumbing and wiring will be laid around these joists. A finish floor will go on top. Then, hey presto, these joists will have disappeared.

3 thoughts on “Buried Treasure

  1. Sadly, we renovators do bury much of the budget where it can’t be admired . Gas, electric, heating, insulation, digging big holes and knocking things down. etc etc . You can hardly invite folk round for an aperitif and to admire your exposed waste pipes

    Having spent a great deal of time and most of the budget on the underpinnings of our project, I am not sure that we still have the energy to fit new kitchens and bathrooms , paper,paint and twiddle with finishing touches- think this will be my next blog post

    Lovely joists by the way………………………….


    1. Oh, Gérard, the myth of the income – producing gite. That place would rent for maybe 500 euros a month as a regular rental. In summer, without a pool, it would rent for about 750 euros a week, with a pool, 1000. Did I mention that the season is 6 weeks long? The cost of renovations, just for the apartment, will be about 30K. A pool with all the trimmings, another 20K. Yes, true, it beats a poke in the eye. Unfortunately that’s about all I can say for it.

      Of course I’ll rent it, so tell your friends and neighbors. And of course if you and Ms. Veleckis care to grace me with your presence, a guest room will be yours.


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