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New friends Herb and Kathy are in town. They are just the excuse I needed to return to the Chateau Goujonnerie. Honestly, Hassan, who did the interiors there, is brilliant. I wouldn’t do everything just the way he did it, but I would do enough that I am hoping to get him to my house for maybe a half-day brain dump: color consulting, shopping tips, that kind of thing.

Mostly I am looking for some idea Please of how to handle the proportions and scale of this house. I thought I was ready. I used to live in a Victorian, after all. So far, though, I’m feeling flummoxed. It will work out. It will probably be fine, with or without Hassan’s wisdom. Maybe it’s just that floor full of gravel that is getting me worked up.

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    1. Hope so. It is getting rainy here. Heated floors sound wonderful. Once they are done I may just move in — make them plumb and wire and paint around me!


  1. It probably is the gravel that is weighing down your perspective on the house at present!.
    You sound perfectly capable of seeing a the vision and executing it perfectly to me . Maybe you should buy a couple of pieces that you love and start building around that


    1. Oh, how sweet, thank you. I am reminded of Question Time in the House of Commons. You know, the part where someone asks a question and the answer is, “see my answer #242?” An earlier post was a photo of hundreds of pieces I love so much that I had them shipped from California, except for the ones that were shipped from Istanbul. You might not have noticed because they are all wrapped in corrugated paper that is biodegrading even before we can get the stuff unwrapped!

      Really, what is getting me down is a cold. I like your idea, though. I have some photos of the things that will go in. I’ll fish them out and post them.

      Well, plus there is the whole free-floating anxiety issue. I remember when we were redoing the kitchen in California. One night I got out of bed to position chairs where the counters and appliances would go, just to be sure I hadn’t overloaded the space. I hadn’t. Once I realized that, I moved all the chairs back, went back to bed and slept like a rock. I’ll get to that point on this project, probably in just a few weeks.


      1. I saw a photo in “world of interiors” mag for a salon and thought immediately of your house. If I could work out how to send photo to you I would
        Classical with a twist, which you have the style and, from what I can see, the proportions for.


        1. Oh, yeah. The house is Beaux-Arts proportions, straight up. I did some research on the architect. If I can find the photo I want to post with it, I’ll let you all in on the details.


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