I thought I’d run over to the V&A, the museum for the decorative arts, though it is actually a bit more of a grab bag than that. I am looking everywhere for ideas for the house and that seemed like an obvious source. I wandered into the exhibition of photographs by Horst and stumbled out, dazed, about three hours later.

What wonderful work he did. I learned a lot about dramatic lighting. I was reminded that I care nothing about fashion, though I love the guy’s photographs. I was relieved to see that his travel photos were only average. His photos of interiors reminded me not to overdo it; the one place with white walls was a huge relief. So in an odd way, I think I found quite a bit of inspiration.

What else, what else? At Covent Garden I saw Placido Domingo in a Verdi opera,  I Due Foscari, a tragedy that put my little headaches into perspective. Basically the central character loses three of his sons to the plague only to lose the fourth to political chicanery. The music was beautiful and the cast superb but I don’t see rushing out to catch it again.

So I am no closer to resolving anything but I feel more balanced and there are now a lot more ideas in the hopper. That in itself is good.

4 thoughts on “V&A

  1. Having seen glimpses of the scale and proportions of your house, I think you could safely “overdo” it a little without venturing into “overkill!”

    I have noticed that my own tastes are shifting, I am so over the eclectic, cluttered country cottage look and I am ruthlessly editing everything by Mr Morris’s motto-“have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful”

    I am current wrestling over whether to buy a huge painting; I am, of course, hoping to be painting again myself soon so I need to leave some big walls for those…?.


    1. Well, okay, I do admit to a brief side trip to Liberty and Co. I looked at fabric and wallpaper. A little of that goes a long way, at least for me, so I might paint, move my stuff in, then just live with it before I do much more.

      Have you thought of painting a mural on a wall? That could be nice.


      1. I won’t be using any Morris prints, too busy and dark, I just like the philosophy.
        Not sure about a mural but I am hand painting a narrow frieze just below ceiling in salon ( our only formalish room) based on similar seen in old houses locally.


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