This is not a tidy job site.


So, there was a request for photos of the house as disaster area. It wasn’t put quite that way but I got the drift.

This is my entry hall. Note the temporary power box nailed to the wall. Note, rubble, still, going into its second month. Those neatly coiled cables seen in earlier photos are now strewn everywhere. Note, ten zillion color splotches, none of them right. The finalist is back behind me, also looking pretty splotchy.

Are they going to compact that rubble before they pour concrete over it? Eh, well, they’ll probably tamp it down a bit. The conduit nailed to the wall? And, you know, all those nails, in the wall? The guys will cover all that with drywall.

In a couple of weeks I’ll post an update. Right now, I just do my best to not carry on about the condition of the job site. And just in case my animist friends are right, I apologize to the soul of the house and give it a little pep talk. This is for the house’s long-term good, really. I should wander around burning a little sage and cedar, shaking a rattle, calling the helper spirits to bless the house and expedite its completion. Maybe the house doesn’t care, I don’t know, but it does make me feel better.

5 thoughts on “This is not a tidy job site.

  1. It’s good to see the bare bones of your house in this sort of stripped back mess.

    1) You may discover a concealed architectural/decorative gem that you missed
    2) You can be pretty sure the only way now is up
    3) You just repeat the mantra “sorry, house, this really is your long-term good, and you will look the best you ever have once I have finished with you” I tell my house this all the time (just in case it IS listening), I can only hope that it believes me………………..


  2. Cleanliness is next to godliness, so invoking as many deities as possible seems like a good route, if you can bring the deities in, then perhaps the workers will get the drift and clean up! 🙂

    Apologies for any typographical errors – sent from a small mobile device.



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