Christmas already?


So here is my little Jacques, stressing  because he just had a bath — yes, this is about as clean as he gets — and is pretty sure a good brushing is sure to follow. He doesn’t know I’m going to let him off the hook. That anxious face gets me every time.

It’s almost Christmas. I have plans but I don’t have a Christmas ritual over here, so it is kind of taking me  by surprise. I hope you are all well and well prepared for the holidays. The contractors are off for a couple of weeks. They’ll return in January and so will I. See you then.

9 thoughts on “Christmas already?

  1. Lynn

    Merry Christmas!

    Hope you enjoy the establishment of new traditions and the participation in French traditions!


    Apologies for any typographical errors – sent from a small mobile device.



  2. I still can’t comment on the blog. During an upgrade I lost all my passwords and can’t seem to remember the one for French Country.

    Anyway, Jacque is adorable. That pic needs to be framed.




  3. Hi Lynn

    In the words of Greg Lake, I wish you a hopeful Christmas and a brave New Year
    (Think we might both need to screw our courage to the sticking post in 2015!)

    Enough quotes……………………………Enjoy the oysters


    1. You’re right. We must prepare for the new year which looks to become a lot like the old year except, you know, a whole additional year of it. So do I chill one bottle of champagne or two? What about tossing some caviar into the shopping basket? Smoked or cured salmon? Could be a rough twelve months. Can’t be too prepared.


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