There’s an eighth deadly sin, right? Thought shalt not cut down trees? Or is that ninth, after though shalt not wear fur? Since I just got an amazing deal on a vintage mink — 40 euros and I thank the souls of those little guys every time I take Jacques on a late – night,  below – zero poop run, believe me — I might as well go for the trees.

I had a visit from the tree surgeon today. He tells me the century – old chestnut trees that you see in the photo were badly pruned. They are now hollow. We take them out or they fall on the barn. He showed me the damage. It’s bad.  So out they go, starting in a week or so.

He says thw new ones will grow relatively quickly. I hope he’s right.

4 thoughts on “Arbricide

  1. Did I miss the part where you also have a barn?

    Not sure it is arborcide if the tree is already dead. If it is dying (not yet dead) would this be leafthanasia?

    Apologies for any typographical errors – sent from a small mobile device.



    1. Gerard, I have two barns and a little piglet hut, plus an apartment off to one side. I could set up a refugee camp in that place.

      The trees have leaves in spring and summer but they’re dying. They were pollarded and I guess you don’t do that to chestnuts. The wounds don’t heal and the trunks rot and go all hollow. Eventually they fall on your barn. Or worse.

      Leafthanasia. Ohhhh…..


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