Jacques Report

Poor guy. I chose this extreme filter because I think that’s about how he’s feeling right now.

Strawberries are just coming into the market now. It’s too early for strawberries, I know, but it’s cold and muddy out here. There they were, these bright red gariguettes, my favorites, right after Mara des Bois. They were talking to me so I bought a few, just to continue the conversation.

Once I got them home I realized that like so many sweet pretty things, those guys were a little tart inside. They needed help. In such emergencies Pineau des Charentes comes to the rescue quite nicely, so I chopped up those lovelies and macerated them overnight.

I can totally recommend macerated strawberries for Sunday breakfast. The thing is, Jacques wanted a taste. I didn’t think I gave him a whole lot until I realized he wasn’t bugging me at all. He was totally passed out and when he did get up he was dragging and his tail was down. Poor baby. All I could think was “muy borracho.” That tells you all you need to know about my teenage summers spent in Mexico. If I were speaking French and wanted to tell you my little guy was totally drunk, I couldn’t. “Ivre,”okay, but how does one turn that into an expression? My friends are so well behaved that I have no clue. Is that good or sad?

Anyway, he was coming to when I took the shot. Now he’s back in my face and wanting to be let out. He’s fine but he failed the sobriety test. I’ll have to keep that in mind.

4 thoughts on “Jacques Report

  1. Dogs never learn, they just love to eat.
    The idea of a smashed westie (is that what he is?) tottering around is very amusing,
    Talking of tottering, Trev is rallying now and wielding power tools.


    1. Poor baby. He’s so tiny. He went through this rambunctious phase, ripping up cardboard with more than the usual abandon, then he just passed out.

      When I was a kid there was this great show, Topper. Leo G. Carroll owned an English bulldog, Topper, who drank gin instead of water. Every time his owners would do something completely lame, Topper would roll his eyes and head for his tranquilizer. I loved that show. Sad to say, Jacques will never be in that league.


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