Carte de Séjour


Well, so there, propped on what is about to become my dining room window sill — I admit, it still requires a bit of imagination to see that — is my residence permit. Did I watch Casablanca too often? Did I grow up too close to people who lived in fear of la Migra? I don’t know, but it felt huge to get this.

Once I figured it out things were pretty straightforward, actually. Here in the countryside they are not so inundated with requests, so it is easy to get an appointment and all. A friendly young woman looked at my documentation, waited while I filled out the missing bits, disappeared for a minute and came back with my card. The permanent one, which should arrive in a couple of months, will, I hope be a little smaller.

So there I am with a hole punched in my head. It feels good.

3 thoughts on “Carte de Séjour

    1. You don’t need one, do you? Aren’t you automatically legal? My renewal was about as automatic as they could make it, which took me totally by surprise, but still, I had to go in there. I thought folks from England didn’t even need to do that.


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