French Country

My life in France is not what I expected.

Carte de Séjour



Well, so there, propped on what is about to become my dining room window sill — I admit, it still requires a bit of imagination to see that — is my residence permit. Did I watch Casablanca too often? Did I grow up too close to people who lived in fear of la Migra? I don’t know, but it felt huge to get this.

Once I figured it out things were pretty straightforward, actually. Here in the countryside they are not so inundated with requests, so it is easy to get an appointment and all. A friendly young woman looked at my documentation, waited while I filled out the missing bits, disappeared for a minute and came back with my card. The permanent one, which should arrive in a couple of months, will, I hope be a little smaller.

So there I am with a hole punched in my head. It feels good.

Author: Bizzy

Really, the less you know the better.

3 thoughts on “Carte de Séjour

  1. Nice post…..I still haven’t got a carte de sejour:)


    • You don’t need one, do you? Aren’t you automatically legal? My renewal was about as automatic as they could make it, which took me totally by surprise, but still, I had to go in there. I thought folks from England didn’t even need to do that.


  2. It’s good to be legal, I generally am these days………………..

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