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Well, so, this is where things get interesting.  One respects the historic fabric and all, of course, but I would have gagged on a house that was just a jumble of real and repro 19th century stuff . The question is how to mix new and old in a way that looks right.

So we have those Fortuny pendants in the entry. Then two floors up you hit the attic.  It was always a rough space. We will avoid replacing those rotten floorboards by covering the whole thing with fiberglass mesh and seagrass. One thing and another,  it’s shaping up to be the bachelor pad at the top of a great old house. So how do I signal that?

I’m going to try this swirl pendant. Imagine it flipped over and hanging centered on the skylight, at about eye level or a little above. It picks up the Fortuny swirls without imitating them. It tells you something different is coming. It might even light the space a little.

I hope that when the walls go up on either side of the stairwell, the proportions will be right. Now it looks a little small. We’ll see how it goes.

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        1. I think they sent a 2-meter cord. The electricians left some play in the conduit. We should be able to get the location and height right. If it starts to look lost anyway — no reason it should get that bad — I suppose I could paint the walls a stronger color. Really, it should be okay but you know me. I want better than that!


          1. Actually the whole house connects quite nicely by way of the entry and the stairwell. I’ll have to sit with it — and with some paint boards — to see what I can do. I’ll be taking that Google slogan to heart: together, not the same.


  1. I meant that having eaves rather than high ceilings makes it a little different and seagrass will lend a casual air. Great idea, why replace all those dodgy boards if you aren’t going to expose theme, just treat and put in some nice flooring?

    Minimal intervention where one can get away with it- that’s one of my other mottos.

    I like that google slogan, it has to be my mantra due to different provenance of each side of house .. and each floor in some areas!
    At least you have a coherent style in place architecturally, I have had to accept that I haven’t and go with what feels and looks right.
    I’d say my house has an opinion, but I will completely away with the fairies


  2. Nice fixture!

    Apologies for any typographical errors – sent from a small mobile device.



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