Rounding the Mark


Okay, we’re starting to think about wrapping up this project. The house is till not entirely drywalled but we can all see it finished. The electricians are bugging me for info on the light fixtures — a whole pallet of them showed up yesterday! –and bathroom fittings. Stuart wants paint colors. Yesterday’s site meeting moved outside, so we could talk about the terrace and garage. There is nothing interesting to photograph but the progress is clear.

So, what about that paint? I tried everything and settled on Little Greene. I tried nearly every grey — the backs of many of those boards are painted, too — but too much grey is too depressing. I think I will wind up with some selection of the colors you see here, not all of them, but a few. That creamy white, Tusk, and one of the light greys, Pearl Colour, will probably become the “when in doubt” colors. The Easter egg colors will go in some of the bedrooms. I figure that by the time someone gets tired of them, it will be time for them to go — the guests, not the paint.

And my own bedroom? Well, good question. So far I have looked only at the house and the light. I have not considered how they will go with anything I bought or brought from California. So while the fifth from the right, Aquamarine, will probably go in a guest room, the next one to the left, Tracery II, will probably go on my room. Will that color go with my bedframe? Dunno. Will the bedframe show up before the painters do? Dunno. Life is about to get interesting.

9 thoughts on “Rounding the Mark

    1. I’m liking this majesty thing. Don’t worry that it might go to my head. That happened long ago. Might as well just roll with it.J

      So, the bed frame. Polton Frau, Massimo, with this incredible green – grey leather. I think it is just a couple of shades darker than the paint, so it might be too close. I should hear about delivery any day now.


    1. Oh yeah, I like my creature comforts. I also like to read in bed, even though I have read — probably in bed — that it is bad for the back. So this sofa-like thing, as a bedframe, could be perfect. I’m also thinking lighter on the paint, or not so green. It could be a room for Pearl Colour.


    1. Up to choosing colors. Believe me, it’s not the same. They will finish drywall installation, then tape and sand, then put in windows and replace the adjacent wooden panels… You get the idea. My hunch is that they will actually paint in five or six weeks.


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