Jacques Report


This is Jacques in the attic, trying to look regal. He’s heard all this “Your Majesty” stuff and wants me to know he’s ready to roll with it.

He’s moving out of the puppy stage and really is turning into quite the dog. Today on the train we sat across from two little children. He didn’t jump up. He waited for the kids to come to him. Even then, he was sweet, not too wild. I thought the kids were going to pet him to bits but he was okay with that. He has had almost nothing to do with children so all in all, I was impressed.


This is Jacques in what will be my office, with what I hope will not be the radiator in that narrow corridor and, I guess, a sketch in the dust, probably done by Eddy, the Armenian carpenter. Jacques is about to demonstrate his erudition by giving his best BBC/PBS discourse on ephemeral outsider artistic endeavors in 21st century semi-rural France. If he does that as well as he charms bored children, it should be a good show.

5 thoughts on “Jacques Report

    1. Tasty tidbits offered in tribute will be considered.

      Actually, I could do a whole post on his treats, most of which he sniffs and declines. The only thing I can count on his eating are Orijen brand organic bison bits. Regal, indeed.


    1. Looks like a mythical bird, doesn’t ir? The guys weren’t there today — it’s almost May, doncha know — so I wasn’t able to ask.

      Jacques is living proof that if you take enough pictures of somebody, after a while they ignore the camera. These days he only looks when I tell him to. He’s great fun. One day I’ll give him a bath, maybe even brush him, so he’ll look as good as he behaves.

      Is there a grammar issue there?


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