Haunted Mansion


This is the window in the big bathroom, the one that will have the tub in it. The guys removed the wood paneling surrounding the window. Then they wandered off and did some other stuff. Some time later — an hour, a day, a week, maybe — they were working in the attic and heard a huge crash. Total freak – out: what could it be?

Well, it turns out they destabilised the window, maybe knocked loose a hinge, though it may also be that some freeze – thaw cycle had caused the hinge to come loose anyway. After a while the weight of the window pulled everything loose. The window fell to the floor, breaking the top pane on the window opposite.

Or maybe it’s not so simple. Is the house getting fed up with the slow progress of construction? Is it really  just a coincidence that this room adjoins the bedroom of the most recent resident? The incident of the radiator in the corridor and now this: in what way will the house next assert itself? Time for a call to Jane Bell, the house whisperer???

10 thoughts on “Haunted Mansion

  1. Ah, la decrepitude, I know all about that.

    And if your house is fed up with what you see as a slow pace of construction, my house should be incandescent with rage over the years our project has taken; but I don’t think it is, it wants to look good and be happy for a change as does yours (see, I can house whisper remotely!) as do we all………………………….


    1. Yeah but your house was all odd corners and animal housing. Anything you do is an upgrade. You are doing a lot, so of course your house is thrilled. My house started out great — it’s the maintenance that got small. My guys have moved walls, punched holes in the cornices, drilled, wired, plumbed… Ask somebody how they feel about their organ transplant. They may know it’s for the best but how do they feel? I think that’s where my house is.


  2. Your house will be great, a respectful nod to it’s history blended with your inimitable good taste
    Houses evolve, but that is how it is and how it should be


    1. Someday we will sit in my happy house and drink a toast to history and good taste. And we’ll hope nothing breaks before dinner is served!


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