Reality Check


If only life were really like this, all soft focus and happy puppies in pretty gardens. Well, okay, sometimes it is like this. Then there is all the other stuff.

Robert’s estate settled. The last little bit of having him as even a remotely active presence in my life is now gone. For those of you who are counting, it took over two years to reach this point.

For the past two years, even as I have cherished his memory,  I have changed my life in ways that he would never have approved. Out with the old house, in with the new. I have a residence permit and I file tax returns in France; you guys have no idea how he fought that. Jacques: getting a dog was an absolute no. Now I’m heading to Madrid with a new boyfriend. That would so not have flown.

When I started this blog, the subtitle was just something to say. A blog needs some kind of theme. Now I have to think about what it means. The uprooting is well and truly complete. So, what was I thinking,  really, when I made these decisions that got me here, and how will they play out? Over time, I suppose we shall see. Right now Jacques wants to go for a walk.

7 thoughts on “Reality Check

  1. Yes
    Life is all about choosing which fork(or multi lane highway!) in the road to take, or whether to bumble along on the well worn path of least resistance. Sometimes we have to make a choice…
    Our control is limited to that choice, beyond that what unfolds is down to other factors.

    Do what your gut tells you is right, and remember that you have a right to live this life and be happy

    Sometimes things “fall out better than you can devise” (thanks Shakespeare)


    1. Yeah, and sometimes they don’t, but let’s not think about that. One way or another, life will play out in its own time and in its own way. Let’s hope my gut has a clearer view of all this than do I.

      Ooh, the two fat ladies are cooking partridges in bacon, with paprika. My gut so wants some of that.


      1. Love the two fat ladies, although apparently they loathed each other
        Do we get a reno update this week or is it all too slow/awful/currently not a priority?i


        1. They did? That’s a little depressing. Anyway, the reno update is that things are slow. I am in Paris, looking for replacements for the dirt-cheap-but-stunning marble that I found in Turkey — they never sent a complete quote! I have been told that the drywall installation is now at 100%. Taping and sanding start today. The electricians and plumbers are nowhere to be found; don’t get me started. I’ll head back down there on Tuesday and will have a meeting with everybody on Wednesday. Will I be able to move to the apartment in two weeks, as promised? Probably not.

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  2. We all need a dog to bring us back to the now. They don’t care what was, they don’t worry about what will be. They’re just happy to see you, eat and poop. He looks very pretty laying among the flowers.


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