Let’s make dinner.

 Let’s use this kitchen. It’s almost finished, right? We’re missing only the cabinets, the frig, the sink, the taps, the countertop, maybe just a couple of other things. Really, it’s basically all here. 
More seriously, I am in receipt of a solemn promise that this will be a working kitchen by 4 July. On that day, I think I will rely on my local knowledge to guide me to one of several good nearby bistros. Should that prove to be unnecessary, I will happily open a magnum of California’s finest to share with the workers. I might even cook dinner for them.

5 thoughts on “Let’s make dinner.

  1. Ok, I was deluded, but you have walls and sockets, that’s nearly done by my standards. The rest is the cosmetic and enjoyable bit.

    Look forward to 4th July 2015 , any significance to that date? (apart from being significant to Americans and also my son’s wedding day ) I will be breaking off from the garden party I am hosting between service and evening reception to check for positive posts from you……………


    1. Cosmetic. I love that. Have I mentioned that no portion of that kitchen has been ordered? Or that the floor needs just the tiniest concrete pour, maybe 10 or 15 cm, then time to cure, etc. I understand your point, though; apart from the concrete, you will actually be able to see the next pieces that go in. That in itself is progress.

      Enjoy your son’s wedding. It should be a lovely day.


      1. Thanks
        And your kitchen will be lovely. Any ideas yet? We are still debating range cookers, but ours will be having cabinetry made from 19thc pine church furniture (which will be painted)


  2. Kitchen looks perfect for the favorite dinner of the LA glitterati – Le Takeout!

    does your town have a Chinese food restaurant that delivers?



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