Fête de la Musique


It’s a lovely Sunday afternoon, a rare, almost summery day. Here in Paris the city has organized something called the Fête de la Musique, which I think means Music Celebration Day, or near enough. The idea is that if you play an instrument,  on this day you should get it out and play it in public. The amazing thing to me is that people do. Everybody is on the street and a lot of them are carrying, even playing, instruments.  It’s free and great fun.

6 thoughts on “Fête de la Musique

    1. Vouvant is charming but it does seem a little slow. Come to think of it the same could be said for the entire Vendee. Any chance we could do something about that?

  1. Hi there! Long time no blog…I ‘m going to take years to catch up. The fête de la musique happens all across France on the 21st June every year. I went to the one in Nîmes, it was fantastic! Hope you’re well, Miss Bizz 😀

    1. Thank you. I am well, or well enough. I had a bit of a meltdown yesterday, when I got two calls from the alarm guys and the guy who lives on site could not be reached. Had he been knocked out cold just before the burglars backed a truck up to my otherwise almost unguarded building supplies? Oh, no. He had just taken off for the weekend and left the place unlocked. Yes, we had a talk. Anyway, things are about to happen, at least I think so. I’ll be down here for a month, probably nagging the guys like crazy. More frequent posts should follow. I hope things are going well for you and Mrs. Playmo. I look forward to good gossip from you two, the more the better.

      1. Oh cries, your heart must have skipped several beats there. Glad it all came out in the wash, so to speak. Hoping to get a post up soon – wrote one but not sure it’s the right one for now (don’t know of that ever happens to you…) Mrs Playmo sends a rosé-drenched kiss on the end of the nose. She’s drunk again. And it’s only 7.30 pm.

        1. Oh, my, but dawn-to-dusk rosé does have a certain ring to it. Give her my best, which when it comes to rosé is usually the HyperU special of the day. Now I am back to my favorite children’s show, the Playmo remake of Star Wars. Yes, it’s real and quite amusing.

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