Worker Amenity


It’s not too bad today but it has been hot, 35 degrees or so, or well into the 90s. In California we had OSHA, which looked out for worker safety. Here, at least on a job like mine, I guess the guys look out for themselves. I have seen McDonald’s wrappers on the job site. I don’t think they are doing a very good job of it.

Seriously,  I started to worry about heart attacks and heat stroke. So when I wandered past these little kiddie pools in M. Bricolage, I picked one up. It was a sort of gag gift, really, but when the guys stopped for the day they set it up and jumped in. They actually do use it to cool off.

When they finally go I think I’ll use it, too.

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    1. That would be a laugh, wouldn’t it? That huge house and us off to the side in a kiddy pool? Actually, that could happen. As for the photos, I can see that you and Mrs. Playmo think along the same lines. My hunch is the answer is yes but I don’t think the view would be all that great. These aren’t your Chippendale’s beefcake types, sadly, just regular guys who work way too hard all day and are happy to see a kiddie pool of their very own at the end of it.


      1. Well I think it was a very kind gesture, little things like that help a project along.
        If they are French, an unexpected gesture often endears us to them.
        I sent my Builder’s sister, who runs the office, a big bouquet to thank her for going way more than the extra mile for us and they were both very touched and still talk about it.
        Sometimes I wonder what sort of treatment they have had at the hands of other incomers. Obviously down in the deep south, it is not always good


        1. Dunno. My guys are English but still, I do think they have the occasional fish out of water feeling, no pun intended. So many English people in the French countryside, so little sense of community. What’s up with that?


  1. Lovely gesture – I remember my joy on discovering M Bricolage, many years ago (it’s gone swanky over the last few years). I’m sure your workmen really appreciated it.


    1. I just bought a Hansgrohe tap at M. Bricolage. It can be pretty upscale, if that’s what you want — and I was desperate for that tap. I also picked up one that cost less than 30 euros, so all is not lost. What’s really sweet about the pool is that one of my guys has a Jack Russell with skin problems. He loves the pool because he can soak his dog in it; it reduces the itching. Seriously, if I had met guys that nice when I was their age, I’d still be on my first marriage.

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