Kinda Sorta Finished


We are almost getting there. Of all the amazing things, this is a working bathroom. Sink, toilet,  shower,  all operational. Lights by the end of tomorrow? That:s what they say. And the right door on the cabinet opens all the way without bumping into anything. At last.

11 thoughts on “Kinda Sorta Finished

    1. Thank you. I was worried that the insanely ornate mirror, one might call it a bordello mirror, would not work with the cement – lookalike tile. Actually, it’s fine. The silver frame brightens up all that gray quite nicely.


          1. It makes you a soixante-huitard, which I think is French for crotchety aging hippie. In California we were too stoned to build barricades, which I think is just as well. Just sitting in worked fine.

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