Kinda Sorta Finished


We are almost getting there. Of all the amazing things, this is a working bathroom. Sink, toilet,  shower,  all operational. Lights by the end of tomorrow? That:s what they say. And the right door on the cabinet opens all the way without bumping into anything. At last.

11 thoughts on “Kinda Sorta Finished

    1. That’s your bathroom, Gérard. I wanted to be sure you guys knew you would have plumbing. It has hot water and everything.

    1. Thank you. I was worried that the insanely ornate mirror, one might call it a bordello mirror, would not work with the cement – lookalike tile. Actually, it’s fine. The silver frame brightens up all that gray quite nicely.

      1. It does, but it’s borderline bordello I think
        If you think that’s insanely ornate, you may question one or two of the mirrors in my house……………………………..

          1. It makes you a soixante-huitard, which I think is French for crotchety aging hippie. In California we were too stoned to build barricades, which I think is just as well. Just sitting in worked fine.

    1. Thanks. Really, all I can think is ” one room down. ..” I was hoping these guys would wrap up in time for the August break but it doesn’t look like it.

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