Eddie strikes again


Today I was moving some stuff around and found this on a wall. Must be Eddie, the laborer.

It’s good. Nice sense of gesture, economical use of line, really quite decent.
If Eddie had been born into different circumstances he could have gone to art school, maybe wound up illustrating graphic novels or something. Instead he works his butt off hauling things around, mainly. He lives on hot dogs and white bread. I think he sends all his money home. No girlfriend,  no friends at all, at least not nearby. We all like him but nobody hangs out with him. Maybe some day I’ll find out what his story is.

4 thoughts on “Eddie strikes again

    1. I agree. You know better than I how difficult it can be to turn a talent into a career. I think at this rate, Eddie’s best hope is that he will somehow get the training to become a skilled worker rather than just a laborer. I do think he has the connections for that.


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