Attic shower


Little by little, it’s happening. The shower curtain is there only until whenever in the fall the glass guy appears to install the enclosure. It’s all usable, though, and it’s nice to see things get even to this point.

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    1. No, it’s ceramic tile. Apparently it was really difficult to install, as the tiles are not uniform. I think they are not completely flat. Kieron had to get out his spirit level and fiddle with them — each and every one — to get a smooth surface. He just took a couple of days off to go mountain biking. After a tedious job like that, I don’t blame him a bit.


  1. V nice! These little signs of”visible” progress are so encouraging aren’t they?
    Unfortunately, all the eventually invisible stuff take so much time and folk don’t see all that work.

    We bought a very similar shower heard and riser assembly, unfortunately when Trev unpacked it to fit it, was designed for very short people. WE are a tall family, how is that going to work?
    He is currently scratching head and looking at ways to extend it without spoiling the design we chose it for!


    1. Invisible progress is a morale killer, especially when folks show up at the end and are clearly thinking, “After a year, this is it?” Really, this is not it, far from it, but if you have only dealt with post -WW2 buildings, you have no clue.

      I had a bit of a fright myself when Jérome, the plumber, pulled the shower head out of the packaging. I thought the pole would be too short, too, and there we were with the rough plumbing in and the wall tiled. What if it didn’t work? I got my tallest worker to step into the shower while Jérome adjusted the height of the pole to suit him. Yes, the pole was long enough, with room to spare. I lucked out, no question. No way would I have wanted to rip out all that invisible progress. We would all have gone to our corners and had a little cry, it would have been that sad.


      1. Tell me about it.
        Unfortunately our shower pole IS too short unless we raise the site of the plumbed in water feed to shoulder height? maybe my grandson could stand on a box?

        Try, when folks show up after seven years and say/think “is this it?”


        1. Can you return the product? That does seem a little extreme. On the plus side, kids grow. IKEA sells plastic steps… Well, it was worth a try. Hope you got your money back.

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