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My life in France is not what I expected.

Almost a terrace


Little by little, we’re getting there. I wanted to be able to sit outside, someplace easily accessible from the kitchen. Not that I have a kitchen yet, but that’s the idea. So the guys put a hole in the future kitchen wall to make room for a door and they built me a little terrace. This will be paved with nice stone or tile — not yet selected — and rendered or something to prettify the sides. They will put a little staircase on the side that you see here and hey presto, I’ll have access to the garden. Off in the corner I will put a Brown-Jordan table and chairs that I brought from California, the first thing that Robert and I bought together. Something old, something really old and something new, I guess.

Author: Bizzy

Really, the less you know the better.

5 thoughts on “Almost a terrace

  1. perfect, bet you end up using that more than any of your other outdoor space.

    I have just been “pinning” some interior courtyard treatments just so I can show Trev the sort of stuff that exists only in my fevered imagination at present. He is not good at visualising , though he is trying.

    I never thought me and pinterest would have a relationship, but it is useful so I have linked to my blog in right hand column.
    Feedback is particularly good from folk who follow me mainly for the old pieces I post as they are mostly all together on my new board.

    No idea who Brown-Jordan are , but if you have picked it , it will be stylish. I think it’s great to bring a few memories to a new project, after all these places and are evolving and so are we


    • Thanks. It will be interesting to see how this house is actually used. Brown Jordan is modern, a high-end U.S. company, maybe mid-range now. The furniture is anodized metal with the kind of webbing that you see a lot now, though back then it was hard to find. It’s stylish in a neutral way and very comfortable. I don’t actually have big plans for decorating this terrace. I imagine I’ll go for some kind of fountain, maybe an umbrella. Honestly, construction has been such an expensive slog that at this point I just want to get things to move-in condition. Then I can slow down, spend some time there and think about what to do next. Ideas are percolating. It will be nice to have a few months to let them just perk.


  2. That’s absolutely the right way to go forward. If lots of decisions have to be made in a short time, it is easy to make a few that you might regret later. After all you won’t know how the house “works” till you spend time there .

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  3. A terrace is a wonderful idea. Will you have morning sun?

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    • Sorry, Gerard, my reply seems to have vanished mysteriously. No, I don’t think there is much morning sun. I believe the sun rises on the other side of the house, then moves across. The front of the house gets full sun all day but I doubt that the terrace will get much before late afternoon. For me the advantage is that I have a big, mud-free outdoor area. Most of the year mud is the big issue. I hope the landscaping will be pretty but my main goal will be to have mud-free circulation.


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