Jacques Report


This is Jacques after four hours spent  entertaining three adorable little children. He’s a bit exhausted but the children felt that he, too,  was adorable, so the visit was a success.

I am pleased to report that he recovered. Today we are on a train, headed back to the house. My suitcase contains no clothing. I brought two wifi repeaters, a deluxe hand mixer — bought on sale, of course — a converter for the Vonage box, a pan to test the new induction cooktop and miscellaneous other indispensable electronic and related items. Yes, to the country house. It’s all very “the American has landed.”

Once there I will make sure at least one TV is installed. We will hook it up to the cable box. Oh, and I can finally start unpacking some furniture. It’s just the little apartment off to the side but it’s a start.

In the back of my mind is a Winston Churchill quote about being at the end of the beginning.  Is that right? This hasn’t been a war, for which I am grateful,  but it has been a long, expensive slog.

Now to finish the house.

6 thoughts on “Jacques Report

  1. Good luck with all that. Coincidentally, I am now up for an induction hob on the range cooker we haven’t bought yet. The easy clean qualities and the economical use of electric makes it a no brainer. If Trev had pointed that out first , rather than the cutting edge techy boys toy angle I would not have resisted


  2. Induction, yes! It’s hardly cutting edge, these days but don’t tell Trev. There is no natural gas to the house, so I could have an exploding, ugly propane tank to fill or I could use electric. The fact that it is as easily controlled as gas made it a no – brainer. I have induction at the rental and love it. Hope you do, too.


  3. Well it’s all relative, apparently the hob we looked at on the last boring appliances trip had some radical new slant- can’t remember and bored to tears with it all now. I just want a b*****y cooker! sadly, we need to lay the new floor first

    We have town gas and apparently we are VERY lucky to have this facility in such a tiny village. I know some folk with electric panel heaters and costs them a packet in the winter. Our house was toasty with the old beast boiler and the new eco one is even better, so whatever else we might be, we won’t be cold


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