Just before they wrapped up yesterday,  the guys put up curtain rods and curtains. True, there are a few things missing here: switch plates, a radiator, the TV and, oh yeah, glass in the windows. But I’m not watching much TV, not until the US Open starts. It’s summer and the shutters work — that one, anyway — so I’m fine without the glass and radiator. Any progress looks good to me.

The curtains are by Caravane. They sell you lengths of fabric, really. You fold the fabric to get the length you want and clip it to the curtain ring. Easy Peasy. No way was a professional curtain guy going to show up an hour from the nearest real city and I like these, so they were an obvious choice.


6 thoughts on “Curtains!

    1. Smart phone. That’s an oxymoron, isn’t it? So, the curtains. The living room ones are hemp. They are thick and soft and drape nicely. As you can’t see, so I’ll have to add a photo, the plain creamy white with black trim makes them a little formal for the apartment. At some point I will move them to the salon in the main house. The blue and white ones in the photo are cotton. They are and will stay in the bedroom. I am very happy with them. At present I have no plans for tiebacks.

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