London rooftops

I needed a break — from the countryside, from the reality series that is my life, from all of it, so here I am in London. I’m still getting used to the idea that London is a short distance from where I live; I’m used to it being half a world away.

5 thoughts on “London rooftops

    1. Seriously, Roger? With that wacko filter? Thank you.

      London is changing, not in ways that I like. How many tall buildings, how many people, do they think they can cram in before the city just sinks under its own weight?


    1. Thanks. I love the culture, no question, but the more time I spend in the countryside, the less I like big cities. I never would have expected myself to change in that way. Anyway, yes, we are coming to the “after” portion of all this, or at least the “all I can do until I find more money” portion. When the furniture starts going in I can see how well I documented the “before.” I’ll show you both.


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