London rooftops

I needed a break — from the countryside, from the reality series that is my life, from all of it, so here I am in London. I’m still getting used to the idea that London is a short distance from where I live; I’m used to it being half a world away.

5 thoughts on “London rooftops

  1. We are considerably north of London, but our French house and life here seems like being on another planet entirely .

    Enjoy your break ( and you are right about letting agents)


    1. Seriously, Roger? With that wacko filter? Thank you.

      London is changing, not in ways that I like. How many tall buildings, how many people, do they think they can cram in before the city just sinks under its own weight?


  2. Enjoy your time in London. I never get tired of it, despite being born there and living not far away. Soak it all up and then please post more pics of your gorgeous French house


    1. Thanks. I love the culture, no question, but the more time I spend in the countryside, the less I like big cities. I never would have expected myself to change in that way. Anyway, yes, we are coming to the “after” portion of all this, or at least the “all I can do until I find more money” portion. When the furniture starts going in I can see how well I documented the “before.” I’ll show you both.


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