Jacques Report


This is Jacques at the vet. We had just gotten to the house from Paris and the little apartment bound guy was running off some energy. He found a cat and chased it way deep into the back garden. You see only part of the result. His bloody little butt is the other part.

I’m sure the cat owner would argue that his beloved was acting in self – defense. Me? I would argue that the psychopathic sport – killer was trespassing and disrespecting the security guard. He deserved far worse than a good scare. If I lived in Texas, like my sister, I’d be packing heat; “cat” would be written on every bullet.

However I’m in France, so I found a nearby 24-hour vet. Jacques got a shot for the pain, plus some pills and ointments. We’ll see how he does. It’s amazing how the French kicks in when it has to. Ordinarily I can barely order a coffee.

There are cat people and dog people. I guess you could say I’m a dog person.

So Jacques got a scratched eyelid. The eye itself was not damaged. We can’t really tell what happened at the other end, apart from a solid hit. He’s taking antibiotics. I added Neosporin for his bottom, in addition to the vet-supplied drops and ointment for his eye. Of all things, his tail may be broken. He cries every time we touch it, so we’re waiting to see about that.

I’ll stop now. You don’t want to hear my 10 – point rant on why psychopathic sport – killers — oh, oops, cats — should be kept indoors.

10 thoughts on “Jacques Report

  1. Poor Jacques – hope he feels better soon

    and though the WHO thinks that red meat causes cancer in humans, I am sure Jacques would like some comfort food

    (and at the risk of starting a war with those who are cat obsessed, dogs rule!)


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  2. Sounds like a real ding-dong of a fight – never heard of a cat capable of breaking a dog’s tail before! I love both felines and canines. but perhaps you should get Jacques his own personal panther?


  3. Poor little Jacques, cats can be vicious, unfortunately dogs will chase without pondering the consequences.
    I would feel the same way by the way……..
    And it’s amazing what you are obliged to hide dog drugs in, I’m sure my last dog thought a visit to the vet was all about tasty bribes

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    1. Well Roger, if it were your cat, it would be self-defense. These neighbor cats, though, I can tell they’re going to be the critters I love to hate.


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