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    1. Well, it’s a toughie. It is not centered on the skylight but it is centered on the stairwell. And the skylight is centered on the space. And that landing isn’t centered at all because we claimed some of it to put in a shower. I’ll take another look tomorrow but I think I’m going to hope that this is an area that you only see while in motion, specifically motion down the stairs, so you are probably concentrating on survival and looking down. I sure hope so because moving this would be quite difficult.

  1. It looks promisingly delicate! As for whether it will make you mad… It will, but other people rarely notice the stuff that we regret when we renovate, and see time and time again. Take the photo from a different angle – with your back to the skylight. Tadaaah, no more problem with wether it’s centered or not. Otherwise, rip out the skylight and put on a bigger one 😀

    1. Yeah, the bigger skylight is the way to go. It rarely gets hot enough for that to be an issue, plus it’s on the north-facing side of the roof. I am so glad I have tolerant contractors. But later, later. That light you see at the end of the tunnel is me, burning out on this endless construction project. When I bought the house, it felt like home. I’d like to get back to that feeling and then, as you say, reevaluate the whole issue.

    1. Well….. If you can decipher the shadow patterns in that photo, which is not easy if you have not been staring intently at that house for a couple of years now, you will see that the light is right in line with the handrail. That means the light will fall evenly, which is good. It pretty much has to stay where it is. So, move the skylight? I’d love to, and enlarge it too, while I’m at it. I do have a use for the little one.

      I think I’ll live with it, if the contractor ever finishes and lets me move in. On my list for Phase 2 is a skylight in the closet. Assuming I can afford Phase 2, I’ll decide then if it is really that bad, if it can be helped anyway, if a bigger skylight would somehow finesse the whole symmetry issue, all that. Hey, maybe I just caught it at a bad angle. No, I didn’t, and a bigger skylight would be great. So, okay, if I can I’ll roll it into Phase 2. After all, I’ll have the roof open anyway.

    1. It sort of is askew. I don’t know why, if the walls just enclose the stairs and everything is centered, things don’t quite line up. All I can figure is that I aligned the skylights based on how they would look from the outside. If that were off, that would drive me nuts, too. I think the bigger skylight at a later date — the fabled “later date, when the cash flow returns to normal” — may be the way to go. To be honest, I didn’t notice the problem until I looked at the photo. I’ll have to run up there and look again.

    1. In a much earlier post, you can see it on the floor, upside down. It’s really quite lovely. Klint, not Klimt, has this atelier of Danish artisans who painstakingly wrap sheets of translucent plastic around a clear plastic frame. Sounds cheesy as all get-out but the effect is like floating parchment. I’ll either rip off a Klint professional photo for you or just wait until the painting is done and photograph it again — from a different angle!

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