Slow and somewhat sure


So this is how it goes around here. We had to move as much stuff as possible into the house. It’s rainy. Cats and rats have found my stuff and are taking up residence. So I cheered on the three actual workers as they hauled everything inside.

By about 4 PM everybody,  even I, was exhausted. And we had just shifted stuff.  It felt like no change. Not good,  so we unwrapped a sofa and chair from the living room in California.

We stood back. We admired. We evaluated the cushioning. Then we realized the dogs wanted on the sofa,  too. Oops. We covered everything back up and put boxes in front of it; our dogs are persistent little buggers so it was our only choice. Just like that, we were back to no change.

One fine day I will be able to present some stunning before and after shots. Sorry, but this is not that day.

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