The stencil phase


As if the house were not going slowly enough, I have been giving more thought than may be healthy to this stencil pattern, which I saw in a church in Budapest not long ago. They put it in a relatively small area and I have for some reason been wanting to tart up the WC. On the down side, well, let’s face it, stencils, no sane person does that any more. Is there an up side? Even if I scale back the colors?

7 thoughts on “The stencil phase

      1. I like the colours on the image you posted actually.
        You could always soften them after if they don’t work in situ; easier than trying to brighten them if too subtle.
        Personally I am rebelling a little against acres of greige everywhere…the kitchen will be greigeish but the salon will be warmer shades.

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