La gelée blanche

I have been told on good authority that the frost you see on the ground is called la gelée blanche. Anyone trying to teach me French had better make sure the words are relayed in triplicate in both written and verbal form and not waylaid by my spell check, which tries to turn that into two proper names. Though this was not done, I think I may have gotten it right.

Winter is finally here. It was kind enough to delay its return, in hopes that my glorious heat exchangers might be put into action but no, not yet, and you can only wait so long, after all. I am enjoying the view, if not the feel, of all that cold, so I thought I’d share it with you.

2 thoughts on “La gelée blanche

  1. you seem rather jolly about the lack of heat exchangers – sounds like a good reason to shop for some warm sweaters

    happy 2016!



    1. I am becoming philosophical about the cold, plus I have a tiny little space heater that keeps the apartment almost warm enough. Sweaters are of surprisingly little use. The cold cuts right through them. The weather here probably feels like spring to you Chicago guys but I’m cold.


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