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My life in France is not what I expected.

The dining room has floors!


Seriously, there is so little going on that when I see any change, it’s thrilling. To take this photo I stood in the kitchen and aimed at the dining area. You will see that there is no window, so we won’t be turning on the heat any time soon. But those crates of stone out in front of the house are slowly becoming flooring. There is a good chance that the flooring will be complete before the windows go in and the heat goes on. This will be great. It is genuinely freezing now, so if we can heat that stone slowly, allowing it to expand slowly, it can only be to the good.

This is Pierre de Bourgogne, different colors because it has been rained on and, to various degrees, is wet. It will dry to the lightest color you see. Then it will be sealed, which will darken it again and maybe slightly yellow it. Then we’ll cover this whole area up with an oriental rug and some furniture. You will never again see as much of this floor as you see right now, so enjoy.

Author: Bizzy

Really, the less you know the better.

17 thoughts on “The dining room has floors!

  1. Is that the new wall colour?


  2. Progress is slow bur sure – it’s coming together well.

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  3. Nice choice of paint. I have picked the same colour for our ‘parlour’ or whatever you might call it. It’s very classy and has lots of green which makes it calming and slightly warm

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