Still no heat.

I know. I’m supposed to write about the house. And here I am showing you this rainy day view from my hotel in London. So what is it, a house blog or a travel blog? 

Well, hard to say. The windows are going in but slowly. The stone floor is mostly there but not quite. The kitchen is on order, maybe a month from completion but, the way this project is going, maybe a little more than that. The shower door guy hasn’t bothered to get back to me. Will the really excellent painter show up to get the bits that he didn’t do last summer? Probably not, though probably whoever does paint out the house will be pretty good. My current best guess is that the house will wrap up — just Phase One, no landscape or anything — in May, about a year behind schedule.

Meantime I am here for a class and a visit to my favorite museums in London: the John Soane Museum and the V&A. I guess we must being getting close to the finish because I have no need to shop for house parts. It’s not a bad way to pass the time. The danger is that eventually I’ll do enough of it that I’ll wonder why I started the house in the first place.

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  1. Keep the faith. It will come together. And just enjoy your Museum trips. There’s also an exhibition of garden paintings at the Royal Academy if you need further inspiration


    1. Ooh. Garden paintings. I just got back from the V&A and the Julia Margaret Cameron exhibition. Tomorrow I’ll be heading out to Kew for a few days, so I hope to find time to visit the gardens. Haven’t been there in years!


    1. I love the Wallace Collection! Back in my art fart days I was led to believe that the best place to go was the Courtauld. Nope, wrong. The Wallace Collection tops it by miles.

      It’s an odd thing, having an engineer as a fellow traveler. I have spent my adult life with people who have been and done the British Museum, say, and just do not want to see it again. But not long ago I was there showing JY the Elgin/Parthenon marbles and the Rosetta Stone. He was seeing them for the first time. A couple of days ago he was at the Soane for the first time. Yesterday we were at the V&A to see an exhibition of photographs by someone he had never heard of, Julia Margaret Cameron. He loves all of it and understands it immediately. The challenge is not to get him to go but to remember, in detail, because he asks a lot of good questions, the significance of the things I show him. My life has become a series of pop quizzes.

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  2. Well I shouldn’t make assumptions, but I find that reasons for continuing these projects change over time.
    Do you think you’ll spend significant time in your beautiful house when phase one is complete?


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