So yes, after a few days in Kew, I got to the gardens. They are nice, more interesting than I remember them from 30-some years ago. The big find in the bookstore was the beekeeper’s bible. A great garden such as my future one needs great beehives, don’t you think, so it’s good to do a little research. I also found hedgehog food. I live in hope that my little guys will move back. Maybe I can lure them with treats.

The big find in the garden was a nesting pair of parrots.

Can you see them up there? I must say I surprised and impressed myself by getting both birds and the nest in the same shot. Love must be keeping them warm. I don’t know how else parrots could survive in this near-freezing weather.

After that, and as the glasshouses were closed for maintenance, everything else was a bit of a letdown. So I headed back into Kew and my afternoon class.

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  1. Friends tell me there are colonies of these birds on the more open parts of the area…the big company sports grounds in particular and there are also colonies in Brussels. I don’t know how they survive either!


    1. Brussels? That’s even worse. There were whole flocks of parrots in San Francisco. They even made a movie about them, “The Parrots of Telegraph Hill,” I think it was called. I thought San Francisco was a stretch. Brussels is remarkable. Global warming can’t come too soon for those little guys.

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  2. I am abuzz with the thought of you adding apiary skills resulting in estate honey.

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          1. I thought that was all you did between chasing the builder and swanning around the globe having shamanism lessons?

            and that was exactly the French phrase I had in mind for the up-market labels


          2. My hairdresser, Alain, would laugh his elegant head off if he were reading this. Seriously, sometimes I look so scruffy walking in there that I think they’re going to start locking me out. And really, jams and jellies? He found it incomprehensible that I would buy a place other than along the Mediterranean. At those property prices, who can afford to grow fruit trees? Thinking of Mediterranean planting, maybe I could have a sideline of drying and packaging herbs. “Batonets de sauge et d’autres fournitures chamaniques.” There could be a tidy little income here.

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  3. These are parakeets, and they have thrived to the point where they live all along the Thames up from Kew to Windsor (and probably beyond) – in fact, it’s hard to sleep off a hangover for the noise they make! And we love them. They eat tons of food put out for the other words, they steal our cherries and squawk constantly. But they are SO pretty and so exotic-looking it’s impossible not to love them


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