French Country

My life in France is not what I expected.




We are starting to get there. The photo above is the entry hall, looking toward the front door. It’s hard to tell we did anything at all, which is just the point. In fact we had to extend the front wall — shorten the corridor,  basically — to create a couple of utility chases. Then we had to recreate and reinstall the cornice. There is a little more trim work to do and obviously a lot more painting. When we are done it will look like nothing ever happened.


This is a rather unflattering shot of my plasterer standing at the other end of the entry, cleaning the wood trim. Somewhere I have a photo of this staircase before any work was done. It looks a lot like this. You have no clue the wall was insulated, the staircase stabilized and a lot of electrical wiring run beneath the steps. That is just how we want it.

Author: Bizzy

Really, the less you know the better.

7 thoughts on “Semifinishes

  1. It’s always the underpinning work which takes the time and causes most of the hassle.
    Then, hopefully ( but perversely) it can’t be seen in the end result. That all looks great


  2. That’s the hardest thing of all …. like a woman wearing ‘nude make-up’ to achieve what you need without apparently changing the look of the interior at all. Seamless. As it appears are the trousers your plumber is wearing!


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