Change? What do you mean, change?

I have spent the morning beating my head against the wall. I woke up thinking come on, French Country? Can we be more specific here? Really, waking up with a hangover might have been a better strategy. I’d have the headache I have now but at least I would have a fun evening to look back on.

Thus the Google search ensued. I looked for every variation on the theme of living the good life in France — as an outsider-but-not-refugee, of course. This magical new name would have to encapsulate who I am and what I am doing in my new home country. Now there two good questions, neither of which may ever be answered. So, a title that is specific but not too much so. I don’t want to have to go through this exercise again.

So. I sit here with a headache and a new understanding of how many expat-in-France blogs there are out there. Every variation of every option I could think of was taken, plus a few that I didn’t think of. I’m one of a zillion, all mining the same vein. It’s kind of scary.

Suggestions welcome.

12 thoughts on “Change? What do you mean, change?

  1. Well, you sit there with a few key words and start Googling them. Then more, then more… They have all been done. French Country is just so generic but I may find myself living with it.


  2. I actually think the name of your blog is good. And it really doesn’t matter if you have a witty, pretty title or not – the readers will come because what you write has value.


    1. Thank you. I have been thinking it’s way too generic, plus there are practical considerations. I was finally going to start a Pinterest account and “French Country” is already taken, that kind of thing. It’s nice to have a vote of “if it ain’t broke…” I’d much rather get back to wondering what I’m doing now that is worth writing about, how to improve the photos, you know, the actual substantive stuff.

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      1. I see the issue … let me have a think – I might come up with something of merit … what do you want included – France? Architecture? Life?


        1. Well, you might have to go kind of far afield. How far can we stretch this, hmm. France, of course. So far this has been my weekly diary, more or less, a way to stay in touch with old friends and new ones that I pick up along the way. You will likely see France but you might see Amsterdam or San Francisco. It depends on where I am. Art and architecture because that’s what my degrees are in. My dog because I love him and because “Hi, where’s Jacques?” is often how I am greeted. He has his own following. That’s basically it. Even when I travel I focus on art and architecture.

          So okay, France, art, architecture and keep the Jacques Frost fan page.

          Have at it.

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  3. There’s always ‘Toutes Directions’….

    I think Osyth is right about the title…you don’t have to have words which titillate the search engines……my blog when living in France was called ‘The Fly in the Web’ but it attracted readers despite the non referential title.


    1. “Toutes Directions en Même Temps?” I like that. I might use it.

      French Country, so generic. Maybe the fact that I actually have time to fuss about such things means life is finally settling a bit. I’m considering a new design, too. I definitely see that I have time on my hands.

      Thanks for the vote of “just keep it.” I might do that, too.

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