Finished floors

We are getting there, little by little. You see before you the upstairs landing with the original pine, I think, floors, now given three coats of sealer. You can also see how much remains to be done — walls painted, baseboard installed and painted, radiator installed, window frame painted, window hardware installed, shutters refurbished and yes, painted, bannister unwrapped and a whole lot of cleaning and tidying. A whole lot. And this is just the landing. The whole house is like this. Still, I think we have turned a corner. The money goes into results that we can see. We are talking about finishes. This is good.

Now to paint the radiators. Somehow I’m just not in the mood.


5 thoughts on “Finished floors

  1. Glad to hear that you feel there’s been some measurable progress.
    We are off finish laying the kitchen-diner floor and take down the last vile 50’s ceiling tomorrow.
    Ask me in a week if we can see measurable progress..


    1. Yes. My tip is “hire somebody!” I have the good fortune to have an inexpensive occasional worker who likes the tedium of the whole job. I have also heard of car painting places that will give them a coat of paint. No addresses, sadly.


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