Finished floors

We are getting there, little by little. You see before you the upstairs landing with the original pine, I think, floors, now given three coats of sealer. You can also see how much remains to be done — walls painted, baseboard installed and painted, radiator installed, window frame painted, window hardware installed, shutters refurbished and yes, painted, bannister unwrapped and a whole lot of cleaning and tidying. A whole lot. And this is just the landing. The whole house is like this. Still, I think we have turned a corner. The money goes into results that we can see. We are talking about finishes. This is good.

Now to paint the radiators. Somehow I’m just not in the mood.


5 thoughts on “Finished floors

  1. Glad to hear that you feel there’s been some measurable progress.
    We are off finish laying the kitchen-diner floor and take down the last vile 50’s ceiling tomorrow.
    Ask me in a week if we can see measurable progress..


    1. Of course you will. Demolition is one of my favorite ways to see dramatic change. Everything is all clean. You don’t know yet that not everything is possible. It’s a wonderful time.

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    1. Yes. My tip is “hire somebody!” I have the good fortune to have an inexpensive occasional worker who likes the tedium of the whole job. I have also heard of car painting places that will give them a coat of paint. No addresses, sadly.


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