Small miracle: Bob’s Red Mill, in France!


Comfort food will get you every time. Here I am in the land of pain au chocolat on every street corner and every breakfast I have been thinking, you know, I would love a bowl of oatmeal. Then I console myself with that pain au chocolat. Gotta make do.

For a brief, shining moment, they had it at Bon Marché. Then Markal moved in with their flocons d’avoine, I think it’s called. It’s organic, it’s French, it’s a lot cheaper than Bob’s. That it has no flavor and no texture, well, what right-thinking Frenchie would look up from his/her tartine beurre/confiture to even notice?

However, that brief appearance was proof that the Red Mill was exporting to France. The local US food shops didn’t have it; “how about some Froot Loops?” At least they laughed.

I was forced, forced, to check out Amazon. And here is the result. Four bags, delivered to my apartment, within 24 hours and on a Saturday. Ah, comfortably breakfasted, once again.

8 thoughts on “Small miracle: Bob’s Red Mill, in France!

    1. Then Bob’s Red Mill is your friend. They label things carefully. everything is organic. And, best of all, there is a huge selection on Amazon. Some things are even from small vendors, so there is no need to feel guilty about feeding the beast.

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    1. I buy it through Amazon. They used to carry it themselves but now it is available only through third-party vendors. It will arrive within a few days but is not eligible for Amazon Prime. I also used to get it at Bon Marché but now they just carry the granola. A good substitute is the monastery-produced stuff. There are several shops in Paris that specialize in “produits des monastères,” which you can find just by Googling them. When you get to the store look for “flocons d’avoine.” While you’re there, you might as well stock up on whatever. Everything I have bought has been a little pricey but well worth the money. Typically they carry beeswax products, jam, organic grains, dish towels, all kinds of stuff. I’m not big on the religious aspect but I love the products.


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