French Country

My life in France is not what I expected.

Small miracle: Bob’s Red Mill, in France!



Comfort food will get you every time. Here I am in the land of pain au chocolat on every street corner and every breakfast I have been thinking, you know, I would love a bowl of oatmeal. Then I console myself with that pain au chocolat. Gotta make do.

For a brief, shining moment, they had it at Bon Marché. Then Markal moved in with their flocons d’avoine, I think it’s called. It’s organic, it’s French, it’s a lot cheaper than Bob’s. That it has no flavor and no texture, well, what right-thinking Frenchie would look up from his/her tartine beurre/confiture to even notice?

However, that brief appearance was proof that the Red Mill was exporting to France. The local US food shops didn’t have it; “how about some Froot Loops?” At least they laughed.

I was forced, forced, to check out Amazon. And here is the result. Four bags, delivered to my apartment, within 24 hours and on a Saturday. Ah, comfortably breakfasted, once again.

Author: Bizzy

Really, the less you know the better.

6 thoughts on “Small miracle: Bob’s Red Mill, in France!

  1. Ah! The small comforts!

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  2. That’s interesting, as I live with a coeliac..


    • Then Bob’s Red Mill is your friend. They label things carefully. everything is organic. And, best of all, there is a huge selection on Amazon. Some things are even from small vendors, so there is no need to feel guilty about feeding the beast.

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  3. Sometimes it’s the small things. I’ll stick to my Steele cut oats.




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