The previously pink bathroom

We are kinda sorta getting there. Long suffering readers know that when I bought the house, this was the only bathroom. As in a room with the setup you see and a bathtub, just this side of that low wall that is sticking out. If you wanted a toilet you had to head downstairs.

And now, voila, sort of.

My apologies for that very dark, rainy day image; clearly I’m not ready for my Houzz feature. I hope you can see the pluses, that the cabinet has been replaced, a towel rail added and the walls painted. They are white, really. We have a toilet now and a shower with a little bench and shampoo niche. There is a tub, if you must have one, in the bathroom — yes, a second bathroom! — just across the landing. The minus? Did you notice the missing window? My contractors keep saying they are missing four windows, which means they are only counting the ones that are not on site. If they counted the others, like this one, we’d be missing six. Yes, there is a little tension around these sorts of disparities. And, um, the radiator hasn’t been replaced and the shutter not refurbished. And I hope that the hideous pipe at the top of the shower enclosures is temporary.

It’s getting a little tense around here. They see a nearly finished project and I see a house that is still uninhabitable, with a “to do” list a mile long. Sometimes I think I should be wearing a wire and hidden camera, so I could record the conversations where they tell me they are nearly finished and I say something like, “I have no kitchen.” To which they respond, I kid you not, with, “Come on. One kitchen.” Then they don’t laugh. I have worked with contractors who gave Oscar-worthy performances but these guys really mean it.

Every day I thank my stars that when something is finally done, it looks good and works well. If I also had quality issues, I don’t know what I’d do.

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    1. Yeah, no kidding. When they told me they couldn’t run a rod to the ceiling, they said, “can we do this?” Then they took their brushed chrome bar and laid it over to the side. Sure, I said, the alternative being shower doors that would never open or close properly. So who knows, maybe they will show up tomorrow with little chrome bars and connectors or maybe they’ll say, “you said this was okay…” We shall see.


  1. Please let us know if they do. I am convinced that even the best French workmen are hardwired completely differently to any other nationality.
    Looking good anyway. And what excellent forward thinking to have a little bench you can sit and soap yourself in when you are to ancient to stand up in the shower.
    Are you having a stair lift installed also: maybe you will need by the time it’s all done??

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    1. Very funny. But yes, now that you ask, I have planned for old age and infirmity. The benches are part of that. For when I really go downhill, I have a room on the ground floor that will make a reasonably decent bedroom. I have also had a drain installed in the utility room and the sink has a shower head. Short run, I can bathe Jacques more easily. One fine day I may have the walls tiled and turn the place into a wet room for myself.

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      1. Yes, we have thought ahead too.En-suite cave will be bedroom and we will turn the atelier back into the kitchen/living room it once was. Will have to fit a stair lift though because we love our roof terrace.
        Madame at 95 nearby still dusts her second floor loggia, so if she can do it…..

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  2. I have to confess that I thought the pipe was intentional irony when I saw the picture. I’m relieved and hope you will be relieved of it very soon. Progress indeed and you did make me smile with the statement ‘a tub, if you must use one’ … I’m a bath girl as so many Brits are. But I am wrestling with ideas for two bathrooms here in the states and am certain one of them needs to be a fabulous walk-in shower only room. Interesting differences we have, n’est pas?


    1. Tub vs shower, coffee vs tea. It’s funny how people get hooked on these things. I’m glad that I have the space to do both and that I didn’t have to do a tub with the shower built in.

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  3. Looks beautiful. Hope they remove that pipe for you soon and they are not planning it as a permanent fixture. I remember that my kitchen in the US had a metal pole right in the middle of it. Looked like a pole dancing pole or a firemans pole. But I quickly removed it. It was some sort of evacuation for the sink!


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