They did what?


This is me in Dubrovnik, doing some accompanying. Weird news this morning, this Brexit thing. I have a fair number of British expat friends who have been putting down roots in France. Suddenly all the rules have changed — not for me so much as for them. Good luck, you guys. I hope things sort themselves out in your favor.

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    1. Don’t be. It’s the whole world. France has the Front National. The US might elect Donald Trump. Look at the mess in the Middle East. Today it just happens to be Britain’s turn.


    1. A realtor buddy just had five house sales cancel. I expect that agreements will be worked out so that Britain is in the EU in all but name but it’s going to take a while.


  1. From what I saw when visiting my mother not so much to do with racism as the press would like us to believe: more a question of falling wages while the rich get richer – so anything said by politicians of any hue was going to be treated with contempt by those not participating in the bonanza and as the whole thing seemed to be a Conservative party bunfight then Remain got it in the neck.
    As for those in France…well, if they are not dependent on benefits they won’t have to worry.


    1. Well, I hope they don’t have to worry but I’m not so sure. I know folks with small businesses, others with jobs. It’s hard to get a visa that allows you to work or run a business. What will happen to them?

      Many Brits retire to France. It’s good for France, as they tend to live in more rural areas, which are otherwise quite depopulated. It’s good for England, as they often give up family-sized houses within commuting distance of big cities, which takes a bit of the steam out of the real estate market. Now what will happen?

      Income disparity is a big issue. I’m sorry folks saw a “leave” vote as an effective way of dealing with it. In the States we have the Koch brothers, rich guys who are adept at using various smokescreens and side issues to distract everyone else from seeing how effective they are at filling their bank accounts with our money. This vote is the kind of thing the Koch brothers would love. Chaos everywhere and they just keep on piling up the cash.


      1. I’ve never really bought the benefits of British immigrants to the French country scene…their businesses are so very often Brit to Brit, though I will admit that they help to keep rural schools open with the aid of the family allowances they draw for their children.
        Crooks always win with chaos,but as they were winning anyway, perhaps it is just a change of crooks!


        1. Funny thought. I guess even crooks get old and die. There do have to be new ones coming in, just as with any other profession.

          In my area there aren’t all that many Brit to Brit businesses. Those that are there still bring trade and tax dollars to the local economy. I think the various regional councils will be pushing hard to regularise the status of British expats. They need the money, plain and simple.


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