Kitchen light question

Okay, let Brexit go for a bit. I have a real emergency here.

This is the light over my kitchen island. I bought it at a great shop right in the center of Melle, in case you ever get out this way. I’ve forgotten the name but you can’t miss it. The place is hugely successful and it’s easy to see why. I can’t wait to go back.

This is the emergency. Do you see that little chunk of cheesy metal, stuck between the rosette and the fixture? I guess it is there to hide power cords. It could be uglier, I know, but could it be better? Are there better choices? Could I get away with nothing in that spot?

My electrician will return tomorrow. If I want him to take the fixture down and try again, I should let him know right away.

16 thoughts on “Kitchen light question

    1. Josselin’s answer is, just tell me what you want, lady. Bless him, I can have it my way, but I’d better know what that is.

        1. The electrician is telling me no, it’s a choice between seeing all the wiring connections and having the little cover. I think he has to be wrong. Surely I have the wrong electrician. I’ll live with it for now and look for someone more sympathetic to historic buildings.

  1. Can’t you remove it and put it back if it’s necessary? Or, can you fill in the gaps with silicone or mastic? It’s just that it doesn’t line up with the rosette, right?

    1. Yeah, that’s all it is. Well, that’s mainly what it is. Mastic or something to straighten it up would be good. Somebody offline suggested that I paint it. I think the process is, straighten it, then decide about the paint.

    1. Guests? I have yet to post about my great find, the shop that sells terrific 4 euro bottles of wine. I fully expect that any guests will be too plastered themselves to notice an endpiece of a light fixture. Nah, this is all about me.

  2. Hi there – long time to speak. Hope you’re well! I’d leave it as it is – or get a bigger one, but i’d say it’s the right proportion for the light and for the beautiful plaster meringue on your ceiling šŸ™‚

    1. It’s bad, isn’t it? My electrician is saying no but I think he just doesn’t want to mess with the rosette. I’ll let it go for now — you have no idea how desperate I am to get into this house — and ask the next guy. Fortunately he shows up on Monday.

  3. I am quite sure you can’t take it away because, as you say, it hides all the wiring. I would most certainly take it down and paint it and it will be far less obvious.

    1. Yes. Maybe paint, maybe finding a guy who knows how to hide the wiring above the rosette. There is a little detached piece up there. Surely it is accessible somehow.

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