I can now sleep in my own house.

I’m taking a bit of a victory lap right now. I hope you guys are okay with that. And I hope any potential burglars have noticed the security cams dotted about. They connect to a company that monitors them for me and swears they will call the gendarmes should they detect malfeasance. I hope to never test that.

Anyway, this is the master bedroom. It looks tidier than this but Jacques has never looked lovelier, so I decided to go with this shot. Poltrona Frau “Massimo” bedframe. Bathroom finished, of all things, and to the left; closet, not yet fitted out, behind me. It now has both bedside tables with lampshaded lamps and the boxes are unpacked or at least out of the way. Over the bed is a nice print of the Grand Canal in Venice.

Since I moved from California I have been camping in tiny apartments or an unheated house. To return to civilized life, not 100% but definitely close enough for now, warms my heart more than you can possibly imagine.

In a couple of days I’ll show you the kitchen.

10 thoughts on “I can now sleep in my own house.

  1. Congratulations, and what a super photograph!
    I have an inkling of how you feel…we have just moved into our new house as of a week – still chaotic, but great to just be there!

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    1. Oh, congratulations! It’s a nice feeling, isn’t it? Even when you find all the leaks in the plumbing or you can’t find a corkscrew or something, a new house, if you want that house, is wonderful.

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  2. Do you think Jacques will be confused when you finally stay over in what, till now, has just been his adventure playground?

    I think he looks bemused; trusting, but bemused ………..


    1. This will always be his adventure playground. Today may be the first day when I have had a habitable, sort of, place all to myself. I do think he wonders where all his friends went.

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  3. Fantastic, just in time for summer. Having been through this with renovations less than two years ago I know just how you feel. When we moved in we were still camping in our own house, but at least it was glamping with a bathroom rather than a tent and no loo! Now the rest will pass in a flash. Enjoy every moment! x

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  4. Jacques you super-handsome pooch you look SO at home on those artfully matched covers (artfully matched to your own super-chic frosty coat, I mean). I’m delighted to hear that you are able to sleep in your house. There IS no place like home, after all 🙂


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